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Our Story

In 1984, Jesus Leon and his wife Gladys Caceres took on a new journey, in which new challenges were bravely assumed. At that time, Jesus already had acquired a great experience in the mechanical industry, working in different companies as Forjas de Colombia, among others. It was here, in the beautiful city “Bucaramanga”, where half a milling machine combined with the courage of a man and a woman were enough to start what today would become the family pride and courage of those who embark on it.

During the first years, a continuous search for companies was constant but it was the combination with a unique persistence, which make the rubber and plastic industry the main level of entrepreneurship. Despite the progress within these industrial sectors, his tenacity took him further to find that the oil and gas business was opening their doors.

Years later in 1998, the temporary oil and gas crisis would bring to TORFRES a new beginning in the food sector. That is when in 1999 TORFRES would put all its efforts into the poultry sector, at that time this sector was not explored. Since then, TORFRES has grown year over year, as a result of dedication, loyalty, persistence, and tenacity of each one of the members of the TORFRES team.

With its 36 year of experience, today TORFES is stronger than ever, focusing in transcending our own limits, competing transparently within the mechanic industry in the department of Santander and around Colombia with the main objective to transform lives and contribute to the community.

  • VisionDevelop a strategic and distinctive value chain, through innovation and implementation of new technologies in the mechanical industry adding value at national and international level. Seeking to transform lives individually and collectively through people service.
  • MissionWe create bonds of union and reliability with our customers, providing optimized and high quality solutions in our maintenance services, manufacture of mechanical parts and assembly construction. Through asset management, we implement preventive and corrective maintenance in industrial processes aiming at the safety of our customers' processes.


Through integrity we build links of trust and credibility with our customers, suppliers and work team. We act ethically, honestly, transparently and with a spirit of service.

Social commitment is a fundamental part of our operation in order to ensure social, economic, and environmental balance with our community.

Resilience and innovation is part of our DNA, which allows us to adapt to constant changes and new global scenarios, in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Our approach

In people

Our focus on high human value, aimed at our people’s growth, obtaining as a result a high-quality production, always searching for new technologies implementation.

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Our work team

Orlando Garcia.

Operations supervisor

Thanks to his education and long journey at TORFRES, Orlando has become an expert …

William León.

Operations supervisor

Thanks to his thirty years of experience in Metalworking TORFRES, William …

Kalindi Alarcón

HSEQ Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

Kalindi is an Industrial Engineer, passionate about human talent and Industrial safety.

Sandra León.

Public and commercial relations

Sandra, an International Business student with language skills and excellent …

Anny Jaimes.

Administrative and Commercial Manager

Anny possesses teamwork qualities, responds quickly to current challenges

Danny León.


Danny has skills in making parts on conventional machines.

Jesús León Bohórquez.

General Manager (Founder)

Jesús, an Industrial Mechanic, an expert in industrial processes with more than 35 years in the sector.

Wilmer Jaimes.


Wilmer is a professional in the field of mechanics, with more than 7 years of experience.