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At TORFRES our priority is to provide safe, efficient and productive processes to our customers. We also understand that this can only be achieved through preventive and corrective maintenance, resulting in safe operation, and a better use of resources, since a malfunctioning mechanical equipment generally consumes more energy and delays production processes.

Vertical machining centers (Z-MAT) are automated high-tech machines, capable of performing a large number of high-precision operations, usually rotary cutting. It is a machine that emerged as the development of a milling machine more required a tool that was much more precise, minimized errors and was much safer. So it evolved to create the vertical machining centers.

Characteristics of vertical machining centers

Vertical machining centers are in principle a non-portable machining that needs an external power source and that is under computerized that allows changing the shape of a material, among its advantages it stands out for its production speed more represents high costs. Among the instrumental characteristics of these centers could be mentioned:

Its computerized control is based on a numerical control, this means that vertical machining centers work through coordinates to plan and specify the movement of the cut. The programming of the cuts can be manually performing the calculations that are needed to model the desired cut or it can be through automatic programming, where another type of information is provided to the computer which will perform the transformation of the data alone into the types of cuts that are needed.

It has an automatic tool changer, also controlled by the computer which allows for great versatility in the type of cutting and functions that can be performed through the vertical machining centers uninterruptedly and effectively to continue with the modification of the desired part.

It can perform other machining operations besides milling, although milling is the most used and common function, it can also perform high precision turning, grinding, drilling and threading functions, in high precision.

Depending on the type of work you want to perform, vertical machining centers can be used with great versatility, thanks to their computerized control it can be quickly reconfigured to perform different tasks quickly. Its high precision allows to obtain parts with an impeccable finish with a uniformity of production, which is important in serial production.

You can have several machines in series running under the same computerized control in order to maintain a production in high quantity and quality, which of course also implies a high investment since such a high production will be achieved that the investment can be compensated.

In summary, vertical machining centers are a non-portable machinery computerized through a numerical control that allows cuts and modifications to metal parts with high precision and good finish at a high speed. In addition to cuts you can drill and thread the parts with a change of the machine parts automatically and quickly, all controlled by a computer which eliminates human errors in the modification of the part.

  • Plastic injection molds
  • Manufacture of dies for all kinds of industry
  • Industrial dies and molds for specific needs that the customer requires
  • Bipartite guides
  • Perforated and threaded sheets
  • Special precision parts

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