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Services and industrial maintenance

At TORFRES our priority is to provide safe, efficient and productive processes to our customers. We also understand that this can only be achieved through preventive and corrective maintenance, resulting in safe operation, and a better use of resources, since a malfunctioning mechanical equipment generally consumes more energy and delays production processes.

For this we have qualified personnel, 24-hour assistance and extensive experience in the poultry sector that allow us to provide

  • Maintenance of machinery in the poultry sector on farm lines, slaughter, gutting, meat processes among others
  • Maintenance, repair and reconstruction of machinery in processes in the food chain.
  • Maintenance, repair and reconstruction of power boxes.
  • Maintenance, repair and reconstruction of pumps
  • Maintenance, repair and reconstruction of gearboxes and motors.
  • Maintenance, repair and reconstruction of valves
  • Maintenance of horizontal and vertical agitators
  • Maintenance of conveyor belts and basket lifts and forklifts
  • Parts reconstruction service with conventional welding, MIG and TIG
  • 24-hour troubleshooting assistance

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