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Manufacture of industrial spare parts

In TORFRES we offer spare parts supply plans to our customers in this way maintenance is made more efficient, always counting on the necessary elements for unexpected shutdowns of plants in any industrial sector including: Food plants, bottling plants, poultry processing plants among others. TORFRES manufactures spare parts to the measures required by the customer, and provides technical solutions for the manufacture of parts, tools and mechanical elements.

  • Sprockets and Helical Rollers
  • Bushings and sprockets in industrial polymers
  • Bronze, copper and stainless steel bushings
  • Shafts according to technical specifications supplied by the customer
  • Bearings and horns in bronze and stainless steel
  • Flat pulleys in aluminum and carbon steel
  • Screws specializing in industrial steels
  • Threaded pins in industrial steels
  • Connection parts and couplings
  • Fuses
  • Flanges
  • Drivers

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